Sarah W.

Buying real estate in the bay area is not for the faint of heart. You definitely need someone like Jeannie on your side - she is a fantastic Realtor®️ who is extremely knowledgeable and patient. She seeks feedback so she can best understand the type of home you want, and understands that your wants may change as the home shopping process evolves. She loves what she does and goes above and beyond for her clients, it was so easy and fun and reassuring to work with her. She knows the market inside and out and understands what it takes to make a winning offer. At the same time, she was really supportive of the offer writing process and really took the time to explain the terms and ensure the offer felt right. I so enjoyed working with her, and will definitely work with her again in the future. She is a rare talent! Please work with her, you won’t regret it!

Hailee L.

Jeannie was recommended to our family by a close friend who raved about his experience and we are so glad we chose to work with her. Jeannie was warm, knowledgeable, and guided us with expertise through the incredibly challenging process of purchasing a home in a competitive market. She provided excellent advice and guidance at every step, from the initial phase of viewing houses, to putting in an offer. I have no doubt that it is due to Jeannie’s expertise that our first offer was accepted and we moved through the closing process without a hitch. Aside from being an absolute star in the realm of her profession, Jeannie is genuinely concerned with getting the absolute best outcome for her clients. She is kind, patient, and a joy to be around. Years later she has remained a positive presence in our lives. We can’t recommend her enough. Thanks, Jeannie!

Sue W.

Jeannie walked us through our first time buying a home. Even though I’m sure we were asking a lot of annoying questions, she was endlessly patient and armed us with a wealth of knowledge. We looked at multiples houses every weekend, and Jeannie was with us every step of the way, helping us to understand what we wanted and needed and how to get there. I was sure we would never find something in the city of San Francisco, but she knows the market, the lenders, other agents, and generally everyone in the process, she got us our dream, victorian-style home! A near-impossible feat. I can’t recommend her enough. Her connections and expertise are critical for purchasing a home in San Francisco. On top of all that she is professional, patient, and kind - truly a pleasure to work with.

Grace C.

As a first-time buyer, I could not have found a better person to help me through the process. I had a list of things I thought I wanted (e.g. Open loft, victorian). Jeannie personally drove me around looking at exactly what I thought I wanted, listened to me when I realized those were actually not things I wanted, and counseled me to help me figure out what I really wanted. Jeannie brought me to a brand new building, walked me through how this building fit my needs, and helped me to choose the unit that would work for me. She even came with me to the title signing because I felt that I needed someone as emotional support, as well as answer the many questions I had. When you work with Jeannie, you have a Realtor®️, but you really also have a new friend.

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